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Wedding Day

Your Wedding should be the occasion you always dreamed it would be.

Making the most significant vows you will every make,  before God and all your family and friends is a wonderful way to start married life and will enhance the solemnity and depth of your day.

The atmosphere of an ancient church,  the sound of your promises echoing within walls that have heard those words said by hundreds of happy couples throughout 800 years of history.     To receive God's most holy blessing on you and the person you love has to be the most special feeling you cannot find anywhere else.

If you have a connection with Hampton-in-Arden church, or you have attended services there regularly for six months prior to your wedding day, then you are entitled to marry at Hampton.

We normally only have one wedding per day.   Therefore you can take your time over photos in our beautiful churchyard, chat to your guests and feel important - which is how you should be on your wedding day!  Where else, other than a church, can the bells ring out and announce to all the commitment you have made to each other?  


Download our wedding booklet below - and when you have read it,  if you would like to book your wedding service,   email us and talk to us about the day you would like.   Then print off and fill in the two pages of the wedding form (don't forget to sign it), and  send it back to Chris our Administrator in the Church office who will then send you a "Next Steps" so that you know what to do next and what is required.   You will need to speak with the Vicar who will be taking your wedding, (this could be Revd. Stuart Dimes or Rev'd Clare Dean) and arrange a time to meet up 


Once your wedding is booked with us, and we have your completed form, we will need you to bring in your current passports to us for copying, as this is a  Government ruling - your banns cannot be called until this is done.  Your banns will be called for the first three Sundays two months before your wedding month.   Also, please make sure we know the time of your wedding as well as the date; whether you require our organist, choir and bells; and don't forget that if Hampton is not the Parish in which you live, you will need to get your banns called at the nearest CofE Parish Church within the Parish where you live as well and let us have the certificate from them to say this has been done.

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