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Church Clock

Stands the church clock from top of the tower greeting the sunrise every day of the year. It then remains under the gaze of the sun if the weather permits until sunset. In its exposed position it has no shelter from all the elements can cast about the tower. 

It can come as no surprise therefore that the Trafalgar Blue of the face and the gold leaf of the hands and markers fade over time. This fading is a gradual process and despite being an important and recognised landmark in the village( no one talks about the clock until it stops or goes missing and then everyone talks about it!) the  gradual ageing  process goes unnoticed over the passage of years. 

The clock was made by Leeson of Coleshill in 1891. The clock face is four feet of copper convex dial. The dial and hands have required regular restoration approximately every 30 years. The restoration that has recently been completed is no exception. The last restoration carried out at just under 30 years ago under the supervision of Dr Smyth. 

The removal ,restoration and replacement of the face, hands and mechanism of the clock is a considerable undertaking and consequently very expensive. An excellent fundraising effort by Stuart has led to a large part of the cost being covered by donations. Every person or organisation who has donated to the cost is thanked very sincerely by the Church and, I am sure, by the wider community in Hampton.

The monochrome picture is of the tower in 1952 .

Michael Purcell

clock 19 face lift.jpg
clock 17 face lift.jpg
clock 23 face lift.jpg
clock 24 face lift.jpg
clock 12 face move 7.20.jpg
clock 16 face move 7.20.jpg
clock 10 face move 7.20.jpg
Church clock face lift 24.jpg
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