Our Living Church

Our Living Church

At the 11am service on Sunday 20 September 2020 Clare was welcomed into her new ministry as Assistant Curate in Hampton, Bickenhill and Barston.

The Service was held by Stuart with Sue and Mary and Robin in the congregation. Social distancing had to be observed so unfortunately not all who wanted to attend the service could.

Stuart started the service with words of introduction

and asked Clare to formally confirm her

commitment to serve the 3 parishes.

Clare confirmed her commitment and the

Congregation formally confirmed it welcomed her.

Clare was commissioned by the presentation of symbols of her new ministry.


Sue held up a Bible and asked Clare to confirm she would proclaim the Word.



Mary held up a prayer book asking Clare to confirm she would be a minister of prayer.




A member from Bickenhill held a lit candle asking Clare to be a minister among us and proclaim God’s shalom

A member of the congregation from Barston held a jug of water asking Clare to draw people to the Living Water.




After the service Claire, together with her husband Mike, met the congregation as they left.



St Mary and St. Bartholomew

High St